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  1. Are you online Hun ??
  2. Grrrr were you online... Missed again Goodnight Ricki... see ya soon
  3. Hello there Jemima Grrrrrrreat to have ya with us!
  4. Hello Sweet Sugar Cookie... I'm so happy to be on your team!
  5. I slept like a log and am JUST writing to you
  6. Ricki are you OK ??!!?? I didn't hear from you today... I'll be out tomorrow Hope to catch up soon!!
  7. Thanks Jemima Still new-ish but it'll pick up. I hope
  8. I've got your blog now Ricki - it looks great but I can't leave any msg's from home Will check it out next time I'm out & about
  9. Are you online Ricki ?? I'll be back in minute!
  10. Found your Blog Address but I can't it (I've got special links) - so when I get it - you'll see me there
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