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  1. Hello,

    OK, you might think I'm a nosy nerd, but I noticed your username and have to ask if it's your real name and if so, how you pronounce it. I ask because my name is Chalane, pronounced shu- (like shut) lane. I don't find many people with 'my' name and so it is really fun when I do.
    And I like to ask them all about their experience with their name, for instance, if they liked having a different name when they were younger, why/how their parents chose their name, etc.

    I see you're new, but already very busy at GS. I joined this year too, but I've not yet purchased PSE; still using scrapbooking software with limited capabilities that my mom gave to me years ago when digital scrapbooking was up-and-coming. It's on my Christmas list and I can't wait to start contributing in the challenges, Survivor, etc.

    That's all. Would love to hear from you if you're interested.

    Have a fabulous day!!!
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