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  1. Hello Sweet Sugar Cookie... I'm so happy to be on your team!
  2. I slept like a log and am JUST writing to you
  3. Ricki are you OK ??!!?? I didn't hear from you today... I'll be out tomorrow Hope to catch up soon!!
  4. Thanks Jemima Still new-ish but it'll pick up. I hope
  5. I've got your blog now Ricki - it looks great but I can't leave any msg's from home Will check it out next time I'm out & about
  6. Are you online Ricki ?? I'll be back in minute!
  7. Found your Blog Address but I can't it (I've got special links) - so when I get it - you'll see me there
  8. Hi Jemima
  9. Hi there are you online ?
  10. All clear
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