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  1. Thanks so much Sweetie for all your comments & likes in the posts
  2. Hi Jemima ! Yep, the times are so different!
  3. Nice chat with you the other night in iNSD... sorry I couldn't stay around... wrong timing again Hope to catch you tomorrow
  4. Hiya Ricki - are you online now - please buzz me if you are
  5. Hiya Ricki... yes all is well... just a busy little bee... (You'll see why on Monday!) Plus still having computer problems Have a good weekend
  6. Hi Jemima Hoping all is well!
  7. Hey Ricki - will write to you soon
  8. Good night sweet Ricki - I've got to get some sleep........ I completed 20 comments
  9. It's OK just read & answered your PM - it was time for your bed... have a good night Ricki & a great weekend
  10. Grrrrr missed you again
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