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  1. Hiya Ricki - are you online now - please buzz me if you are
  2. Hiya Ricki... yes all is well... just a busy little bee... (You'll see why on Monday!) Plus still having computer problems Have a good weekend
  3. Hi Jemima Hoping all is well!
  4. Hey Ricki - will write to you soon
  5. Good night sweet Ricki - I've got to get some sleep........ I completed 20 comments
  6. It's OK just read & answered your PM - it was time for your bed... have a good night Ricki & a great weekend
  7. Grrrrr missed you again
  8. Are you online Hun ??
  9. Grrrr were you online... Missed again Goodnight Ricki... see ya soon
  10. Hello there Jemima Grrrrrrreat to have ya with us!
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