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  1. Ricki, it's so good to hear from you!! I've missed you and would LOVE to catch up with you again
  2. Hi Jemima! Good to see you! I'll hop over there soon....
    How are you? Long time no see
  3. Hi Ricki - I just found you on Google + Hope to catch up with you again my long lost friend - I've missed you...
  4. Ricki where are you ???? You haven't answered any of my PM's
  5. Awww I just read the chatter that you were going through a hard time again... can I help ??
  6. Hi sweetie! nope When?!?!?!?
    I'm doin'' better.......
  7. Hello there are you alright ?? Did you get my PM's ??
  8. Yep! But then you probably aren't by now....
  9. Hello there - are you online ??
  10. Thank YOU Jemima dear
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