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  1. okie dokie ..MY gallery problems is happening in the twin mom scraps gallery as well.....
    the lo i just uploaded is at the very end of her lo is in its proper place in member gallery....and still out of order in my personal gallery...which means this newest lo is also at the end of my gallery
  2. hi lady...i have a weird question for gallery items are out of order.. my first LO is one from a survivor thing from 2009 ..then my 4 uploads from 8/7...(and even they are not in the order i uploaded them)..then the very 1st LO i uploaded yesterday is on the every last page of my, i have 2011, 2010 and 2009 LO's all intermingled throughout the gallery.i am sending you link to my gallery but it will probably be in order for you when you look at i had someone else look and the seemed in order for her...i just would like my lo's by date...and was wonderign if you could help me...thanks(ps is there a way i can send you a screen shot of what i see on my end?)
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