View Full Version : TOU question?

04-19-2010, 04:56 AM
i hope i can find out this answer before the speed scrap monday...
my cousin is comming out here on monday and i really want her to speed scrap with me, can she use my kits since she'll be useing my computer?

04-19-2010, 05:47 PM
That's a tricky but I would think that it would be okay. It's not like she's taking the files and leaving with them, right? It's almost like if you were to create a lo for her and give her a flattened image of it. As long as she doesn't keep a PSD but only a JPEG I don't see the harm.

I'm curious to see what others say about this though.

04-19-2010, 05:56 PM
Hmmm - I have no idea! Thats tough....but as long as she's not taking them or copying them....it should be okay I would think? Maybe you need to contact a few of the designers of the kits you have and see what they say....

04-19-2010, 07:51 PM
I would say that that is fine. I mean if you were teaching some one to scrap, they would more than likely be using your supplies and as long as you are not sharing them on other computers, I can't see where that would be a problem. Any others want to chime in? Now I'm curious.... :)T

04-20-2010, 02:52 AM
I'd be fine with it. But I'm pretty easy going with my TOU.

04-23-2010, 07:26 PM
You know you're welcome to use any of mine:) And most other designers are fine with you sharing in that way.... so long as she doesn't put any of the kits on her computer and anything that she wants to take home is a flattened Jpeg:)