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12-06-2008, 09:03 PM
This forum uses BBCode so this tutorial it all about Getting you Sigi and Blinkies all set up in BBCode.
OK, once you figure this out it will be second nature.. But it is different then HTML ei.. Blogger. So it an be a bit tricky at first.
Here we go-
Here are all my blinkie codes for the blinkie I have in my sigi- look below to see them-

Notice the you can either start with the URL or the IMG - it doesn't matter as long as it is all enclosed you will get the effect you want.

This is my sigi- Isn't it cute :) It is not linked - I don't need it to be, so it just have IMG tags

Now to my Blinkies

So it is actual very straight forward. You have the address you want the blinkie to be linked to and you have the image itself.
Take note of the codes and use them to put your blinkie in you sigi anywhere that uses BBCode.

It might be easiest for you to copy and past one of my blinkie codes to and then change the image and the link to you own -
AND you can always take one of my blinkies to wear in your own sigi as well :)

One last note... If you are a fan of someone and you want to wear their blinkie but you don't know how to get the image code.. that is super easy!!
Just right click on the blinkie you want and select Properties- It will bring up a box with all the info about that image. You can take the image code right out of this box!! It will be in under image properties- under Location.
Now you can copy and past that image code to use as you like :)
I hope you have fun getting your sigi and blnkies all tricked out!!

I also wrote a tut on Linking and posting blinkies in HTML ie. Blogger.. Check that too :)

03-13-2014, 05:44 PM
I am puzzled by what you mean: " Here are all my blinkie codes for the blinkie I have in my sigi- look below to see them-"
There is nothing there but the image.
I am trying to load both my siggie image AND the new survivor blinkie, but it seems that the system will not take both, only one at a time. When I upload the blinkie, my siggie disappears and when I upload my siggie, the blinkie is gone.
Please help. :( & Thank you!


Never mind! As you can see, I did it. :) Am happy to say... I simply uploaded it online and used the Insert Image function.