View Full Version : Hi, I'm new at Ginger Scraps!

01-07-2014, 11:35 AM
Hi everyone,

My name is Christine and am from the frigid Midwest, trying to stay warm with temperatures outside at -17. I've been digiscrapping for about 6 years now. I especially like to scrap layouts of my grandson and family trips.


01-07-2014, 02:25 PM
Hi Christine and welcome to GS! :cheer:

Yikes, it is crazybananascold up there lately. Now seems like a good a time as any to stay inside all day scrapping, LOL!

Hope to see some layouts of those family trips in the gallery! :)

01-07-2014, 04:29 PM
HI Christine!! Hope you're finding a way to keep warm!! Maybe you can thaw out and scrap next to a heater :)

So happy to see you here, can't wait to see your work!

01-07-2014, 04:48 PM
Hi Christine and welcome to Ginger Scraps. I'm in Florida but today is right cold for us. Stay warm. Jump in and have fun with us.

01-07-2014, 07:54 PM
Welcomes to Gingerscraps! It's a wonderful place to be! Stay warm - from one Midwestern to another. We had-24 yesterday with windchills in the -40s. But this coming weekend we are going to have a heat wave with temps in the mid 30s. Today it's 2 outside and it seems so nice. Crazy, if you ask me!

01-07-2014, 08:49 PM
Thanks, ladies. Yup, my furnace has been working nonstop since Sunday night. I pray it holds out until this frigid weather passes.

01-07-2014, 10:04 PM
Welcome to Gingerscraps!! The best place to be! Our fireplace has been burning LOTS of wood this past week!!and blankets have been doubled up;) Stay warm and can't wait to see your work! :)

01-07-2014, 11:00 PM
Hi Christine! Welcome to GS! Stay warm and cozy!!!

01-08-2014, 02:53 PM
Hi, welcome to GS!! This is a great place to hang out. I hope you like it here. In the meantime try to stay warm, I'm from the midwest as well and I am feeling the cold as well.

01-08-2014, 07:58 PM
Welcome here at GingerScraps, I am sure you will have much fun here at GingerScraps! Canīt wait to see your pages!

01-08-2014, 09:03 PM
Welcome to the site! I'm another Midwesterner from Minnesota, although I'm looking forward to the warmup tomorrow!

01-09-2014, 01:45 AM
Hi Christine! Welcome to Gingerscraps. It definitely sounds like weather that is meant for you to stay inside and digiscrap!! Stay warm!

01-09-2014, 01:57 AM
Hi hi hi! and welcome :D

Sugar Pie Scraps
01-10-2014, 01:40 AM
Glad to have you at GS! :)

01-11-2014, 10:26 AM
hi and welcome to GS, we're so happy to have you join us...if you have any questions, let us know, we will be happy to help you.

01-11-2014, 12:56 PM
Hi there from another Midwesterner. I think it's midwest. Maybe its "Plains state." No, I think its Midwest :) I'm currently in Missouri but spent most of my life in Nebraska before a five year detour to California. This is our first winter back and I think I'm being punished for my departure :). Glad to have you here. I adore Gingerscraps. I've been scrapping on and off since 2007 (mostly "off" except for some yearly photo books starting in 2009) and this is the first place that has felt like my scrapping "home."

01-12-2014, 09:58 PM
Welcome:) This is a great place to be:)

Neverland Scraps
01-29-2014, 04:01 PM
So glad you found us here at GingerScraps!

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y69/hystrix21/welcsparkle.gif (http://s3.photobucket.com/user/hystrix21/media/welcsparkle.gif.html)