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02-02-2013, 11:40 AM
Welcome February!
This week I have a lot of news for you!
First: I have a new CT!!!! yesss!! Do you want to know all of them? ok, be sure to follow my blog (http://violamoni.blogspot.it/): each wednesday I'll post an exclusive interview to one CT girl! ;) It will be really funny!

The new releases pf this week is Good Morning!
-46 elements
-21 papers

-1 full alpha with letters (upper and lower case), numbers and some punctuation points

Take a look to all those amazing pages!!!! ;)

http://gallery.mailchimp.com/78c52b1324a76624c102068ec/images/newsletter.jpg (http://store.gingerscraps.net/Good-Morning.html)

and don't forget to take a look at February GS Buffet! I made two packs for this:

https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/store.gingerscraps.net/images/P/VM_LTYH_ep.jpg (http://store.gingerscraps.net/Listen-to-your-heart-elements-by-ViolaMoni.html)


and last but not least, don't miss the daily download on GS blog!
You can grab for free a full kit by me along all the month of February, check the first part here: http://gingerscraps.net/gsblog/2013/02/daily-download-feb-01/?preview=true

https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/78c52b1324a76624c102068ec/images/sp_6_zps0019cede.jpg (http://gingerscraps.net/gsblog/2013/02/daily-download-feb-01/?preview=true)

it isn't cute?! ;)

stay tuned the next week for a new release!



02-02-2013, 08:34 PM
What a fun kit! Great job, CT, for all the beautiful creations!