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12-17-2012, 03:16 PM
Ugh I just posted an even longer explanation of my week - but it errored out for some reason (probably my ridiculous internet lately! UGH) - so now i have to type it all up again - and I'm sure it won't be nearly as nicely written as last time ;) LOL!

Sorry for not being around much ladies - Colleen knew what was going on - but I never got around to posting here - so thought i'd update you all quick!

It's been a LOOOOONNNNNNG week here - it all started last friday when my daughter got the flu (12/7) - it wiped out over half of her and my son's classes at their school - so I figured we wouldnt be able to avoid it :( This cancelled our trip to go meet my new nephew (who was born 11/14 but we still havent been able to connect! :( WAH!) So we just hung around the weekeend. Then that next tuesday (11th) my daughter finally had her tonsil/adenoid surgery - it had already been rescheduled once due to her being sick - so when she got the flu the friday before I was NOT a happy camper - but it was a quick moving flu and she had the weekend to recover at home - so was good to go by tuesday - thank God! She had to have her tonsils/adenoids removed because they ewre HUGE and would fall back into her throat, blocking her airway while she slept and she'd actually stop breathing (not good!). Not to mention she snored like an old man! Surgery went pretty well - but she's definitely had some ups and downs and overall being miserable :( Poor girl! Then on top of her miserableness (LOL - pretty sure thats not a word!) 2 of my boys were sick and cranky, needy, not sleeping messes. Then my baby who's usually a good sleeper - so I really dont feel like I can complain - but he turned into a napping/sleeping avoider - he picked a horrible week to do that! Thankfully my Mom was here to help with all the chaos! But I'm not sure if it was the stress, lack of sleep or if my back just likes to go out this time of year - but it has not been good! :( I went to the chiro 3 times last week and its still not good - this AM its worse - darn them for not being open over the weekend! That tied with the fact that I carried the carseat a bit this AM to get my older two into school - I wanted to talk to my daughters teacher - let him know she'll just be there for a bit today and that she cant do outside recess or gym (no running or over exerting herself). Then I'm going to pick her up after lunch to bring her home so she can rest. She's insisting that she's fine and can stay all day - but it was either a partial day or not at all - she still needs to rest - the doctor said she'd miss 7-10 days of school - and she only missed 4 days - so she's lucky I let her go at all. Hopefully I dont shoot myself in the foot doing this!

Ok - I think that about updates you all on me! Oh - and one more thing...LOL! Next week is Christmas (like you all needed the reminder! LOL) but we'll be heading to MN to visit my parents for the weekend, then Christmas day we fly out for our annual trip to AZ - so I need to pack, prepare, clean for those trips - this is NOT a good time for my back to be out! UGH! Ok - now I think that's all!


12-17-2012, 03:57 PM
Wow, that got ME dizzy............

Merry Christmas Trina!

12-17-2012, 04:02 PM
yes a very long week it sounds like trina. but it all will get better in time. as for your daughter she will feel so much better when its done. my son had this surgery and MORE including having his uvula (hope i spelled that right...the punching bag in your throat LOL) removed for same reasons and he has been so much better and much less sick. take care of yourself because if u can't u won't be able to take care of everyone else :) good luck and Merry Christmas :)

12-17-2012, 04:12 PM
Wow!! What a couple weeks for you!