View Full Version : Fire...Swords...and Ghost...Oh My

12-11-2012, 10:13 PM
so i'm looking for 3 specific kits and have been. i actually need several of each but will settle for one. the problem is i need ADULT looking kits as these r adult events (no not that kind hehe ) but just NOT childlike LO's i'd like to make.

Firefighter: if u have seen my LO it makes sense. i just don't want cute items like a child playing FF
Ghost Town: pretty basic with building and such
and "a knight type kit" not with dragons or fairies. my son and our family belongs to the SCA (ok i can never remember what it stands for) be we go to events and dress and live like the personas we choose from between 1300 and 1700. my son is very involved in the fighting portion of it which while the swords r not real they wear armor and get hurt!!!! this is NOT Renaissance as the fighting is not real (with rules) and not a dramatization and it is based on real history.

i am willing to help any designer with what the kit might need, photos for referal, color palettes or anything they might need