View Full Version : Tucker is my "Hot Dog" Factor. I wonder what yours is?

08-17-2012, 04:12 PM
When I was growing up, I used to get car sick a lot. It seemed like a pretty common thing for kids right? Well looking back on it I know it was the Smell combination of My mom's smoking, and the leather seats ! I still can't drive in cars with leather without feeling sick. We had to drive out of town to get to the "good" stores , 15 minutes away on a straight run of highway with not much but a few hot dog stands here and there. Sabrett. Natural Casing. mmmm.... But as I grow and learn, and being a mom I now know, the hot dog was the deciding factor.
If I ( or now my kids) feel sick, they may or may not actually (vomit). And if they ate a HOT DOG, well it's pretty much a guarantee ! Eeeew !
So moving on to Mom stress !!! When I'm stressing and three people need me, want answers, need help, want food, money what not in my house I get all flustered fast. My heart races, and a sort of confusion begins to set in. And anger. Doesn't anyone in the house see your all "at me" at once? Well , my dog Tucker........ He is the hot dog in the situation and when he enters the picture I SNAP. He barks at me to go out, and if ignored, he stands there getting more and more aggressive and mean with his bark until he takes over everyone and everything and I have to TAKE HIM OUT. Most of the time he just saw a cat or squirrel dance by.
So Tucker is my "Hot Dog" factor. He makes me lose it.
What's yours ???? When 3 things are going, what is the one that always makes you lose it? Scream? Curse ?:36_11_7:

08-17-2012, 09:33 PM
We actually have a "Hot Dog" or Doxie and what he does to get my attention when he wants to go outside is the opposite of barking. He sits in front of my chair or wherever I might be and he stares at me. If at first, I don't notice, then he grumbles a little but he never barks, he saves that for when he's out in the yard and then he barks at anything that moves. And I do mean anything. His barking drives us crazy!

08-18-2012, 12:45 AM
My dog does the opposite when I'm upset. I NEED my dog when I am upset, lol.
Kathy, that's funny, I love the part where he sits and stares at you, haaahahahha. Mine sits at the bottom of the stairs quietly waiting for us to see her there, lol.
The thing that puts me over the top are the stupid sales/solicitation calls I get day and night, especially since I am on the "No call list". I don't know why, but I almost lose my mind when they call, especially the ones where there's no one actually on the other end, those automatic dialing systems they now have...ugh, I seriously think calling peoples homes should be illegal!!! Grrrr see I'm getting mad just thinking about it, lol.

Tree City
08-19-2012, 04:56 PM
If I'm already annoyed/upset about something and then I walk into our bedroom and see a pile of DH's dirty clothes sitting 3 feet from the laundry basket then I go crazy. (But really, any time he is lazy and doesn't put away something sets me off. I tell him "I'm not your mother. She may have loved cleaning up after you, but I do not. I will NOT clean up after you." I think it's actually the "MIL factor" that gets me here. She doted on her son so much when he was growing up that he now thinks there's some type of "clean up fairy" who walks behind him and picks up his crap. I'm a SAH-mom not a SAH-maid!)

08-19-2012, 06:11 PM
Oh yep, Sara, that stuff makes me mad too, and I have even said the same thing to him...I am not your mother, teehee. Dumb Boys!