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04-21-2011, 03:57 PM
This tutorial is from Sophie (Extase) on the GS CT! Thanks to her for the awesome tutorial!

Hi guys,
I'm Sophie (Extase), a new GS CT member and I would like try to teach you how to create an OOB layout.
I really love OOB effect !! :36_1_19:

OOB = Out Of Bounds, :), when a picture gets out of the frame.

I made a page with this technique to explain the method i used.
Do you see what i mean ?
So now lets get to work :D

I made this tutorial using Photoshop CS4 in french (I'm french) but with the screenshots, I'm sure you will find your way and as you will see, I use lots of screenshots.

1. Basics

- First, open Photoshop, choose a paper and an appropriate photo.
I chose this picture of baby's feet and I attached it if you want to use it.


- Copy your picture and paste it on you paper, in a different layer.

2. Choose your frame and see how it matches with the picture

- You can either draw a frame or you can use a frame from a kit.
Personally i chose an existing one.

- Open your frame with your program, copy and paste it on your photo, on a different layer.
Now you will have 3 layers.

- Duplicate your picture. Shift your photo in the layer's palette toward the blank page button at the bottom of menu.

- Place the duplicated picture on the top of the menu.

3. Make a perspective effect

- In the Layers's menu, select the 2 picture layers and the frame.
Keep CTRL (CMD) pushed and click on each layer you want to select. When it's done, the 3 layers will be blue.

- On your keyboard, make a CTRL (CMD) + T combination to apply a free transformation or go in the following drag-down menu : "Edit/free transform".

- On the photo, make a click with you mouse's right button and choose "perspective".

- Take the top left edge of your picture and turn it down.
The botton edge will automatically go up.
Stop when you like the perspective you made (to stop, hit ENTER on the keyboard).

4. Determine what will be out of your frame and extract it

- Select only the top layer.
Change it opacity to 50%.
Now you may see the frame AND the picture.

- You will have to choose which part of the picture will go out of the frame.
I chose to extract the red area.

- On the picture, select only this part.
To do this, i use the "Plume" but you can use the magic wand or the eraser (use what you are familiar with).
I recommend you extract a little bit larger part of the picture, to avoid some missing pixels.

- Reverse the selection you made and delete the unused area (the green one on my exemple)

- Mask this layer (the photo layer at the top of your layers menu).

- Click on the frame layer.

- Using the magic Wand, select the middle of the frame.

- Choose Select/modify/expand and type 2 or 3 pixels.

- Choose the picture (click on it) in the bottom of the layer's menu and click on the "Add a blending mask" button.

it may be as in my screenshot... isn't it?

Now you can show again your top layer (the photo you extracted first).
It's done.

5. Result

Now, just add shadows to have a deep effect and elements if you want.
Here is my result.

And just because i like to help people dreaming, here are some web exemple that perhaps you could soon create :-)


http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSB0ZsgTtbrrRKdeaqqO9o0I31eOtKtv PdEasrbl8uKv3UizgJmOw

04-22-2011, 04:31 PM
Thanks a lot Jen for your help :)

04-25-2011, 02:22 PM
Awesome work! This looks fun. I love the train web photo. :)

04-25-2011, 03:59 PM
I'm going to have to try this - looks super fun!

05-01-2011, 02:02 PM
Thanks for the awesome tut! I love that effect and will have to try it out!!!