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  1. New Release - Gingerscraps Buffet -- Yes, No, Maybe? - By Connie Prince
  2. New by Magical Scraps Galore: Main Street Magic!
  3. Fresh Baked: October 02, 2015
  4. New Release: Happy By Dandelion Dust Designs
  5. New Release: 100% Driven $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  6. Magic Autumn by JB Studio at October Buffet
  7. New Release: Stepping Stones Template Set 1 with Seatrout Scraps!
  8. New Release - October Template Bundle -- By Connie Prince
  9. NEW, fallish and fun from Mandy: Leaf Diving and Under A Harvest Moon!
  10. New Release: Addicted To Fun $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  11. New Release: Spellbound $5 Grab Bag from Blue Heart Scraps
  12. {Blush Vol.2} NEW by Dagi
  13. New Release - 2016 Calendar Templates and Premade Calendars -- By Connie Prince
  14. Shape Masks 16 and Shape Borders 16 by Lindsay Jane
  15. NEW Too Cute To Spook by Pretty in Green
  16. NEW ~ Make It Four Vol.1 by Dagi's Temp-tations
  17. New Release: Addicted to Needlecraft $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  18. New Additions from JB Studio: Sweet Simple Templates
  19. New Release: Country Roads by Dandelion Dust Designs
  20. New Release: Write Now Template Set 2 by Seatrout Scraps!
  21. New Release - Think Pink by Connie Prince
  22. New Addition from JB Studio: Remember When Mega Collection - 53% off
  23. New - Suit Up from Lindsay Jane
  24. New by Magical Scraps Galore: IT'S GOOD TO BE BAD!
  25. PUMPKIN BOOGIE! New from Mandy!
  26. New Release: Addicted To Shopping $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  27. New Release - Project 2015 November - By Connie Prince
  28. Simple Set 21 Templates from Lindsay Jane
  29. Autumn Overlay Cut-Outs from Mandy - NEW and on sale!!
  30. New Release: Simply Homemade By Dandelion Dust Designs
  31. New Release: Addicted To Adventure $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  32. New Release - Plan On It -- November Buffet - By Connie Prince
  33. NEW: Fall in Love by Simple Girl Scraps
  34. GingerScraps Buffet: Frosted by Seatrout Scraps!
  35. New Release from JB Studio: Family is Everything (Nov Buffet)
  36. DSD New Releases from Connie Prince -- Grabbags, FWP, and Sale!
  37. The Spirit of Christmas from Lindsay Jane
  38. New Release: Dare Devil $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  39. New Release: Autumn In The Air By Dandelion Dust Designs
  40. DSD New Releases! Be Positive and $5 Grab Bag!
  41. New Release: Pieces Of Christmas $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  42. New Release: Bits And Pieces $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps & Craft-tastrophic!
  43. New Release - Template bundle -- by Connie Prince
  44. New Release: Addicted to Movies $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  45. New Release: My Story By Dandelion Dust Designs
  46. I'm Back! With a New Release and a Little Sale
  47. New Release - Made with Love - by Connie Prince
  48. New - Christmas to Remember from Lindsay Jane
  49. New by Magical Scraps Galore: SPORTS GALORE!
  50. New Release: Harvest Blessings By Dandelion Dust Designs
  51. New Release: Christmas List $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  52. New for Nov 20: Dazzling Christmas
  53. NEW ~ Make It One Vol.2
  54. Truly Blessed New From Luv Ewe Designs!
  55. New Release: Page Border Overlays by Seatrout Scraps!
  56. New Mega Collection by JB Studio: Life Is Wonderful!
  57. New Release - Project 2015 December -- Connie Prince
  58. New Release: Home For Christmas $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  59. Day By Day 11 ~ NEW and 50% off!
  60. New Release - Be Still - by Connie Prince -- December Buffet
  61. Peppermint Twist ~ December Buffet 50% off
  62. Love Came Down - Mandy's December Buffet Collection!
  63. Photocowgirl's New Releases/Grand Guest Opening!
  64. GingerScraps Buffet: Snow Angel Collection by Seatrout Scraps!
  65. Simple Christmas by Simple Girl Scraps!
  66. Key Lime Digi Design- Most Wonderful Time
  67. New Grabbag from Connie Prince -- Tinsel Time
  68. New Release: Snowfall By Dandelion Dust Designs
  69. New Release: Christmas Party $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  70. New Release From Photocowgirl
  71. *NEW* $5 December Grab Bag from Mandy!
  72. New Season of Sparkle from Lindsay Jane
  73. New Release - December Template Bundle - By Connie Prince
  74. Fresh Baked: December 11, 2015
  75. New Release: A Hometown Holiday By Dandelion Dust Designs
  76. For the Love of Dance by Photocowgirl
  77. New Release: Write Now Template Set 3 by Seatrout Scraps!
  78. CHRISTMAS PALOOZA! 5 of Mandy's Christmas kits for $7.50!
  79. Must Be Santa $5 Grab Bag from Blue Heart Scraps
  80. New from Amy Stoffel!
  81. NEW from Dagi and 30% off!
  82. New Release: Stepping Stones Template Set 2 by Seatrout Scraps!
  83. We need your hlep!
  84. New Releases - Hanukkah and Travelogue Nevada -- by Connie Prince
  85. New Cutout Frames 3 and 4 from Lindsay Jane
  86. New Release: The Perfect Year $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  87. New Release: Enjoy The Moments by Dandelion Dust Designs
  88. NEW Day By Day 12 by Dagi's Temp-tations
  89. NEW! from Trixie Scraps - Home for the Holidays collection 20% off
  90. New Release: Cheers by Connie Prince
  91. New from Amy Stoffel: Stars In Your Eyes
  92. New Release: #2016 January by Connie Prince
  93. Christmas Every Day - Dec. Daily Download Now avail for sale
  94. New Chill of Winter from Lindsay Jane
  95. New Release - Expecting -- January Buffet -- By Connie Prince
  96. New Release: New Horizons Template Grab Bag with Seatrout Scraps & Craft-tastrophic!
  97. Mandy's January Buffet: No Two Alike!
  98. New Release: Winter Sparkle by Dandelion Dust Designs
  99. 2 NEW RELEASES from BLUE HEART SCRAPS: January 1, 2016
  100. Winter Romance Buffet Collection! New From Luv Ewe Designs!
  101. GingerScraps Buffet: True Blue Collection by Seatrout Scraps!
  102. So "Fawned" of You by Photocowgirl
  103. Be Cool Buffet Collection and a freebie!
  104. New Release - January Grabbag - Healthy Habits - By Connie Prince
  105. New Release: A Fresh Start $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  106. New Release: A Blank Slate By Dandelion Dust Designs
  107. NEW RELEASE: Blue Heart Scraps - With A Little Help From My Friends
  108. NEW ~ Splendid Blended Vol.1 by Dagi's Temp-tations
  109. New - The Simple Things from Lindsay Jane
  110. Get Your Step On Quickpages and Bundle plus a freebie!
  111. New: Jan 2016 Template Bundle from Connie Prince, Jan 14
  112. New - Border It 5 Clipping Masks from Lindsay Jane
  113. New Release: Anniversary Waltz $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  114. New Release and Freebie from Wimpychompers!
  115. NEW: Winter Frost by Dagi
  116. New Release: Anniversary Waltz Special Add-Ons by Seatrout Scraps!
  117. Believe In Yourself! New This Week and a FWP!
  118. New - Happy Birthday Collection from Lindsay Jane
  119. New Release - Football Fan and Cheer Mini Kit -- by Connie Prince
  120. Fresh Baked: January 22, 2016
  121. All Growed Up Chef *NEW* from Mandy
  122. New from Photocowgirl {Feisty}
  123. Kindness Matters: Great New Collab from Blue Heart Scraps & Sugar Kissed Designs!
  124. New from CathyK Designs - Robotic
  125. New Release: The Zoo Crew by Dandelion Dust Designs
  126. New from Tinci Designs - My life in photobook 11.
  127. New Template Pack from Dear Friends Designs!
  128. NEW ~ Reflections: January by Dagi
  129. ~NEW~ Template Crazy Volume 10 by Leaving a Legacy Designs
  130. New Release: $4 Template Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  131. New! {Winter Overlay Cut-outs} by Mandy King
  132. New Release: The Weekend by Dandelion Dust Designs
  133. New {Life Is Vol 2} by Amy Stoffel
  134. New {Play It Again Vol 2} by Little Rad Trio
  135. New {We Go Together Like...} by Leaving A Legacy Designs
  136. New {You + Me = Chemistry} by Wimpychompers Creations
  137. New Release: Be Mine, Valentine $5 Grab Bag by Seatrout Scraps!
  138. New Release - #2016 February by Connie Prince
  139. Day by Day {Bundled} by Dagi's Temp-tations
  140. The Month of Love Begins Now at Gingerscraps
  141. GingerScraps Buffet: The Sweetest Thing Collection by Seatrout Scraps!
  142. GingerScraps Buffet: Mad Tea Party by Magical Scraps Galore
  143. New Release: Happy Hearts Day by Dandelion Dust Designs
  144. New Release -- Sisterhood -- Feb Buffet -- By Connie Prince
  145. New Release - Sisters February Buffet - Albums to Remember Designs
  146. Fresh Love is the new collection by JB Studio on Frb Buffet - $1 deals!
  147. NEW Release --> Ewe Loves Ya? --> February Buffet Collection from Trixie Scraps!!
  148. NEW I {Heart} You Buffet by CathyK Designs and a Freebie
  149. NEW: Love Yourself Buffet by Simple Girl Scraps! 50% OFF!
  150. New Release - 3 Little Words Grabbag by Connie Prince
  151. New - Cutout Frames 5 and 6 from Lindsay Jane
  152. New Release: Unforgettable Page Kit from Seatrout Scraps!
  153. Everyday Joy by CathyK Designs
  154. New Release: Dayplanner by Dandelion Dust Designs
  155. *NEW* Mandy's February $5 Grab Bag: Don't Blink!
  156. New Release: Dagi's Temp-tations - Winter Sparkle
  157. NEW: Be Mine from Amy Stoffel 35 % off this weekend ♥
  158. New Release: Create-A-Page Templates by Seatrout Scraps!