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  1. Are my pages...
  2. Quickie ?? Re: Autumn Fresh FB Freebies
  3. Re: Hybrid Challenge
  4. Spin off: What do you LOOOVE in kits?
  5. What do you struggle with most on layouts?
  6. What is (are) your all time favorite layout(s)?
  7. CHRISTMAS gift giving and stuff....
  8. Woot! Woot! I'm a prep cook!!!
  9. Laptop Recommendations
  10. Have you ever (part 2)?
  11. Leaving tomorrow....
  12. GSO at DST with October Daily Download Kit!
  13. Backups
  14. Printing a low-res page
  15. Anyone do Elf On the Shelf?
  16. Apps ?
  17. Weather got you down?
  18. Thanksgiving Plans [?]
  19. How's your Gas ...[prices]
  20. Baby it's cold outside !
  21. Great ending to a lousy day....
  22. what's your favorite recipe?
  23. iphone... finally!
  24. Anyone else buried??
  25. Homemade Christmas?
  26. Prayers needed, PLEASE
  27. At my wit's end....
  28. Lost friendships
  29. December Daily.... here goes nothing! :)
  30. Oh Christmas Tree...
  31. Bummer!
  32. Okay girls...lay on me the best stocking stuffer ideas you have!
  33. Project 365|P52|Project Life-like
  34. Calendar question
  35. How's everyone doing Christmas wise? Done, almost? Haven't started?
  36. Anyone want to represent Gingerscraps
  37. Favorite Christmas Movie
  38. When you need a break from all the holiday stuff :)
  39. Is December flying by for you too?
  40. Username/Password
  41. Camera Recommendations
  42. Favorite Christmas gift?
  43. Silhouette?! For ME??!! YAY
  44. Any experience with Etsy and/or scrapping for others?
  45. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  46. Anyone else feel way behind?
  47. 8x8 or 12x12?
  48. Any Harry Potter fans here?
  49. Hey Upper Midwest Ladies - Come in here!
  50. Anyone into couponing?
  51. Golden Globes on tonight. Anyone going to watch?
  52. Paper vs Digi
  53. Help Me Help a Friend?
  54. Scrapstacks questions!
  55. Is it just me...
  56. Scrapping the Icks
  57. Crashed!
  58. Winter Weather
  59. Gallery
  60. ?? RE: Gingerscraps' Facebook Freebies
  61. Who is Ready for Spring?
  62. Happy Birthday Lydia
  63. Facebook LOTD
  64. Scammer sending pm's
  65. Just a Note
  66. Party Help!! -- Mardi Gras theme
  67. Favorite "Stock" Kits?
  68. Happy HAPPY Birthday to GINGER!!!
  69. Photoshop elements question
  70. Thank you so much for the birthday collab!!!
  71. Filling Shapes with Papers in Gimp
  72. I'm baaaack
  73. Thank you
  74. Ooops... Gotta Watch which YEAR for uploads in the Gallery
  75. SURPRISE weekend with hubby!!
  76. Question about giving credit in the gallery
  77. St. Patrick's Day?
  78. Becky Higgins Project Life App FREE today only!
  79. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!
  80. Scrapstacks easy posting tip!
  81. Easter
  82. Thank you Dear-Friends Designs!
  83. Daily Download
  84. Scrapping Survivor?
  85. "Falling" Photos
  86. Profile Photo
  87. Minnesota Scrapbooking weekend :)
  88. Anthology by Lisa Bearnson
  89. Horrible timing....
  90. iNSD Tracker Sheet
  91. Question!
  92. Another question!
  93. Oh NO!!!!
  94. Attention Deficit iNSD Disorder
  95. Template Files?
  96. May Designer Spotlight
  97. Any interest in a weight loss support group?
  98. Thank you's all around
  99. What inspired you to start scrapping?
  100. Can we talk about giving credit?
  101. What do you listen to while you scrap?
  102. beginners and digital scrappers in general
  103. Question for Stay at home Mamas looking to go back to work...
  104. Holy learning curve, Batman!
  105. Friday Night Chat! June 12th
  106. For the Record!!
  107. My eyes are getting dizzy!!! What do you do??
  108. Need a good wildlife kit
  109. It's Friday at 10 pm! Time to Chat. :)
  110. WOW and THANK YOU GS!!
  111. <Evil Cackle>
  112. Heartfelt thank you!!
  113. I printed my pages!
  114. So, I was browsing my gallery..
  115. What am I doing wrong?
  116. Mac vs PC
  117. Thank you! :)
  118. SURVIVOR Season 6!! Guess & WIN!
  119. Seize the Day Loving it!
  120. Just For Missi - Love it
  121. How do you start a layout?
  122. What do you prefer... themed kits or more general kits?
  123. daily download problems?
  124. Night Owl Chat starts in 1 Hour!
  125. Point me in the direction of..
  126. How to motivate yourself to start when you are behind two years of books
  127. Hey Gals - Come Join In on The "GALLERY LOVE TRAIN"
  128. Thank you Gingerbread Ladies!
  129. I had a little meltdown today....
  130. I deserve 50 lashes with a wet noodle
  131. Begging for votes
  132. Enable me please: Writing Templates
  133. For those who do P365/52, PL etc... and also do regular LO's...
  134. Surgery...
  135. Nervous!
  136. Does anyone do Week in the Life?
  137. A revolution in printers??
  138. **important question**
  139. Friday Night Chat!
  140. Noah is ONE!
  141. Hey Dagi...
  143. Inspirational/Courageous/Trying Something kit
  144. What is the Difference...
  145. Should I get PSE 13?
  146. Don't you just hate it?
  147. Interview with Ginger
  148. I Need Some SERIOUS Photography Help!!!
  149. Little Adam has arrived (Dagi's little Boy)
  150. Oh my Contacts!
  151. I think I'm getting old today
  152. Looking for a good book on Photoshop Elements 13
  153. ISO: Boy kits
  154. How Many Photos Do You Take?
  155. Let's get this party started!
  156. Dumb Question.
  157. Hey all you Minnesota ladies (and WI, IA, ND, SD and anyone else)
  158. When Your on the Road....
  159. RQOTD - Where do you live?
  160. RQOTD-are you a fan of pumpkin everything?
  161. When Starting a Page...
  162. Favorites
  163. RQOTD-what can you not scrap without?
  164. Ever just listen to sappy music and smile?
  165. RQOTD-Are you a cat or dog person?
  166. RQOTD - what's your favorite thing to eat?
  167. RQOTD~Do you shoot in auto, manual or neither?
  168. RQOTD~What elements or items do you never or hardly ever scrap with?
  169. Question about the Store
  170. Rqotd-what's your zodiac sign?
  171. Backup solutions and storage
  172. RQOTD-early bird or night owl?
  173. Sugar is bad for me.... :(
  174. Testing my new siggy.
  175. Thank you, Danica!
  176. RQOTD? Where would you go?
  177. RQOTD-are you a java junkie??
  178. RQOTD~Do you have any siblings
  179. Snow??? Really Mother Nature?
  180. RQOTD-do you speak any other languages than your native language?
  181. Random Post Because...
  182. RQOTD~Do you have a favorite author?
  183. Do you ever go to events just to get photos?
  184. RQOTD-do you read any magazines?
  185. RQOTD-Do you do any other hobbies besides scrapbooking?
  186. RQOTD-which is your favorite Disney character?
  187. LOVING all the forum chatter!!
  188. RQOTD~What did you have for breakfast?
  189. Is there a Dream Vacation Spot You'd Like to Go?
  190. RQOTD-do you like spicy foods?
  191. Do you use the New Posts and Mark Forum Read buttons?
  192. Does anyone watch The Voice?
  193. RQOTD: Scary Movies Yes or No?
  194. RQOTD: Did you ever paper scrap before going digital?
  195. So we left for the airport and then realized we left the passports at home....
  196. It's Friday - what do you have planned this weekend?
  197. 10/24/15 RQOTD-do you do your nails?
  198. ISO Fun, Free, Hand printing Fonts
  199. 10/25/2015 RQOTD-Are you right or left handed?
  200. RQOTD - Yummy Eye Candy...Share!!
  201. PSA: Don't Ever
  202. Do you make your own photoshop actions?
  203. What must you have in a kit?
  204. Speaking of fonts.... free for today 10/26!!
  205. RQOTD: Do You Know the Difference...
  206. 10/26/2015 RQOTD-What is your favorite candy?
  207. Pumpkin?
  208. 10/27/2015 RQOTD-what food do you dislike the most?
  209. Do you post your layouts on Instagram?
  210. Looking Through Old Kits from 2008 or so...
  211. 10/28/15 RQOTD-How would you define your scrapbooking style? Do you have one?
  212. Things you wish you knew about Photoshop sooner, otherwise known as I am a dummy :)
  213. 10/29/2015-RQOTD When you scrap do you mix kits?
  214. 10/30/2015 RQOTD-How do you organize your digi supplies?
  215. 10/31/2015 RQOTD - What is your favorite holiday?
  216. 11/01/2015 RQOTD - What was your most favorite vacation that you have ever had?
  217. New Printer
  218. RQOTD Nov. 2nd: Do you wear jewelry? How much or how little?
  219. 11/02/2015 RQOTD #2 - Do you wear glasses?
  220. ICQOTD (Idle Curiosity Question of the Day) How Did You Find GingerScraps?
  221. RQOTD: Nov 3rd: If I could live in a book....
  222. Pachimac, I'm calling you out ...
  223. Harry Potter geeks UNITE!!! :)
  224. Fonts
  225. 11/04/2015 RQOTD Is there a particular household chore you can't stand?
  226. Thank you!!
  227. 11/05/2015 RQOTD What popular television show or movie have you never seen?
  228. 11/06/2015 RQOTD what was your first job?
  229. Look How Far We've Come!
  230. A Challenge to you Old-Timey Wimey Digi Scrappers!!!!!
  231. 11/07/2015 How long does it take for you to scrap a layout?
  232. 11/08/2015 RQOTD - do you participate in blog hops?
  233. 11/09/2015 RQOTD Are you a list maker?
  234. 11/10/2015 RQOTD What was for dinner last night?
  235. 11/11/2015 RQOTD do you ever cook using a slow cooker or crock pot?
  236. Thank you
  237. 11/12/2015 RQOTD How many photos are in your phones camera roll?
  238. 11/13/2015 RQOTD It's Friday the 13th, are you superstitious?
  239. Let's talk about intentional photography
  240. Tell me about your phone...
  241. 11/14/15 rqotd are you on instagram?
  242. 11/15/15 RQOTD Do you remember your dreams in the mornings?
  243. 11/16/15 RQOTD I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Or do you?
  244. Calling out all you SUGAR COOKIES!!!!
  245. 11/17/2015 RQOTD Bond, James Bond
  246. Do your (young) kids have chores?
  247. Happy Hump day!!! (best TV night of the week IMO!) How's your week going?
  248. 11/18/2015RQOTD How much does gasoline cost where you live?
  249. ARRRGH....christmas gift decisions...so hard this year!
  250. 11/19/2015 RQOTD Do you templates for your layouts?